March 23rd to March 26th 2018

The event

The Computer Science Games are a collegiate competition that includes challenges from all aspects of computing. The Games are a weekend long thrill ride with logic puzzles, difficult algorithms, intense video game competitions, social activities, and of course, programming. Organized by students from different university every year, the CS Games is open to all undergraduate students. Teams are composed from 7 to 10 skilled people, each participating in multiple simultaneous challenges.


To participate, you need to buy a ticket for each team member.

A team is composed of 7 to 10 participants. They can be accompanied by a mentor to coach them, the mentor in question can be a chaperone from the faculty (professor, club advisor, etc.) as well as a former student. Note that the mentor cannot participate in any competition block with the exception of Puzzle Hero.

Getting involved

The Organization Committee has lots to take care of during the CS Games weekend and will definitely need volunteers. If you want to discover the behind the scenes of the CS Games, and experience this extraordinary weekend with us, we would be overjoyed to have you join the team!

Why get involved?

  • Be part of one of the biggest academic Computer Science competitions
  • Make new friends for life within the CS Games Community
  • Learn new skills
  • Network with possible future employers
  • Have fun
Buy tickets


  • Demonstrate civility, courtesy and respect for all individuals present (students, staff, sponsors, participants, organizers, volunteers, etc.)
  • Respect any and all equipment
  • Limit the space taken by your personal belongings to reasonable dimensions. (i.e. do not leave your belongings scattered everywhere)
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring or consume alcohol on campus at any time, including in opaque containers (insulated cup, coffee cup, etc.)
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring food or liquids in the Faculty’s classrooms
  • It is strictly forbidden to wander in the corridors and spaces not designated for the competition


Become a sponsor

Every year, the CS Games attract the best students in computer science, chosen by their universities or student organizations for their excellence. This is a unique opportunity to meet the best and most passionate students in North America, all within the same space.

Why sponsor?

  • Access to contestants' resumes
  • Display your company
  • Distribute promotional items
  • Presence during the competition
  • "Puzzle Hero" integration
  • Much more
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